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Food Storage Tips

filled refrigeratorRefrigerator and freezer storage can be limited and frustrating. Here are some tips to maximize your food storage space, as well as how to properly store various food items to maximize their shelf life.

Create More Space & Get Organized

Plastic bins are a great way to group common types of food and help get the refrigerator organized. Having an organized fridge and freezer will help use the best of the space available. Lazy Susans not only help organize the fridge, but help you access items without taking a bunch of things out. Stacking plastic magazine holders placed on their side will help create makeshift shelving and will allow for more space. It is also a good idea to date leftovers, so they can be thrown away in a timely manner, which will help the refrigerator stay clean and open up space.

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A-1 Self Storage Acquires Safe Harbor Self Storage

Safe Harbor Self StorageWe are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired Safe Harbor Self Storage.

This existing 59,000 square-foot self storage facility serves customers in Fountain Valley and Santa Ana, CA. This was an off-market transaction with Seller representation by Marcus and Millichap.

Developed in 1984, Safe Harbor Self Storage consists of 6 two-story building situated on 1.5 acres. The facility is in an ideal location with excellent visibility on Harbor Blvd which averages over 36,000 vehicle trips per day.

We are upgrading the facility to like-new condition in order to compete in today’s self storage space.  We are thrilled expand our reach to more customers in Santa Ana and Fountain Valley and provide them with an excellent self storage experience.

The newest A-1 Self Storage location is at 16842 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA, 92704.

A-1 Self Storage is looking throughout California and Texas to purchase raw land, existing facilities, projects in fill-up, and projects that are entitled but not built. If you have any of these opportunities, please contact Bryan Underwood via e-mail at or call 800-219-4854 ext. 164.

How to Store Common Household Items

Properly Packed Box for StorageWhen storing items in your house, or in a storage unit, it is important to properly store the item to make sure it is preserved and remains damage-free. Here are some tips on how to properly store common household to make sure the items are not ruined.

  • Vinyl Records

Vinyl records should be stored in a record sleeve standing vertically. Records should be stored indoor on a shelf or bookcase. For storage, records should be packed loosely and vertically away from moisture. Failing to properly store vinyl records can cause them to get scratched or warped.

  • Electronics

If available, electronics should always be stored in their original packaging. If not, they should be stored in a cardboard box sitting upright, surrounded by packing peanuts or padding. Batteries should be removed from all devices. Electronics should be stored in a cool dry place to avoid damage.

  • Makeup

Makeup should be storage in a dry cabinet or drawer, or air tight container. Liquid products, like mascara or foundation should only be stored for three months. Powdered makeup and lipstick are good for up to 18 months. All makeup brushes should be kept in a clean dry location. If makeup is not properly stored, there is a risk of melting, discoloration, and bacterial growth.

  • Jewelry

To avoid scratching or tangling jewelry, items should be stored in an individual compartment of a jewelry box or container, or wrapped in tissue paper to separate each piece. Jewelry should be stored in velvet or silk lined containers to prevent scratching. Store in a cool dry place to prevent gems from losing their shine and metals from tarnishing.

  • Furniture

Furniture should be disassembled when being stored to avoid damage. It is important to keep all hardware in a labeled plastic bag for easy location when it is time to put furniture back together. Before storage, furniture should always be cleaned and dry to avoid moisture. It is also a good idea to wrap furniture in plastic wrap to help protect the pieces.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that your stored items are safe and sound while being stored.

You Might Have a Valentine’s Day Gift in Your Storage Unit

Heart shaped ribbonValentine’s Day is about telling those who mean the most to you how much you love them, usually through a small token or gift. Have you checked your storage unit for items to re-purpose to make a gift for your special someone? Here are some ideas of items you can turn into great gifts for your Valentine.

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We Proudly Support Serving Hands International

Serving Hands International LogoA-1 Self Storage is a proud sponsor of Serving Hands International. With your help, we are able to raise funds for local and national charities. Simply donate your quality unwanted items at any A-1 Self Storage facility, and we’ll give you a tax deductible receipt. Items collected will be placed in our charity storage unit and sold at our next storage auction.

Serving Hands International is not-for-profit charity that provides aid to individuals in need. Proceeds go to fund educational scholarships, portable classrooms, medical services, and food & blankets.

Each A-1 Self Storage customer and Associate helps to make the work of Serving Hands International possible each and every day. For more information, please visit their website at

Simple Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

girl holding moving box with A-1 Self Storage logoMoving isn’t easy, is it? At A-1 Self Storage, we understand that packing can be a long and tiring task. Let us make your move a little easier by offering these simple tips to help you stay organized and ensure your items stay protected. If you are storing your items, proper packing techniques will also help you save space and money.

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Donation to Support Thomas Aquinas College

TAC logo

We are proud to announce our support Thomas Aquinas College!

Founded in 1969, Thomas Aquinas College is dedicated to renewing what is best in the Western intellectual heritage and to conducting liberal education under the guiding light of the Catholic faith. Four decades later, the College’s ranks have swelled to the maximum capacity of 350 students, and a roster of distinguished faculty has expanded accordingly. While holding true to its founding vision, the College has earned a national reputation for academic and spiritual vigor, becoming a model for the many new, faithful Catholic schools that have followed. The College must raise $4 million each year to meet students’ financial aid needs.

We are honored to contribute to Thomas Aquinas College. We want to continue help make this unique form of Catholic liberal education available to as many students as possible.

If you would like to learn more about Thomas Aquinas College and their mission, please visit their website at

Get Organized by Giving Back

Donation Box LargeMany new items enter our homes during the holidays. But what do you do with all that new stuff? Now is a great time to organize your current inventory, and donate unwanted items. There are many charities that will accept gently used items and give them to those in need. Or, you may know of a family in need that you can donate to as well. Below is a list of frequently needed items that are perfect to donate this time of year. Out with the old, in with the new!

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