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A-1 Self Storage Proudly Supports Whispering Winds Catholic Camp!

San Diego, CA – May 29, 2013 – A-1 Self Storage, the premier provider of self storage in California, announced today their monetary donation to Whispering Winds Catholic Camp located in the Cleveland National Forest and Cuyamaca Mountains. It’s about an hour drive from San Diego and approximately 5 miles south of Julian. Founded by Don Kojis and Dr. Jerry Tisi, Whispering Winds Catholic Camp is a Christ-centered environment where youth, individuals, couples, families and groups can strengthen their faith and reconnect with their family and friends in a fun and faith-filled setting.

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A-1 Self Storage Proudly Supports Whispering Winds Catholic Camp

Memorial Day Holiday







Memorial Day is on Monday, 5/27. Our offices will be closed in observance of the holiday. Normal access hours available at most locations, please check with yours to confirm.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Armed Services, Veterans and their families. Thank you for answering the call to defend our freedom. We sincerely appreciate your service and sacrifice!

 Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!



A-1 Self Storage Proudly Supports Iris Ministries, Generation Won.

San Diego, CA – May 24, 2013 – A-1 Self Storage, the premier provider of self storage in California, announced today their monetary support to Iris Ministries’ Generation Won.  A-1 Self Storage’s support of the “A Place to Call My Own” project will enable the organization to establish a consistent presence in a challenging area of the city. This location will function as a part-time home for orphan children that currently live on the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe. The new center will provide a soup kitchen that serves hot meals, a hygiene care area where children can shower and receive clean clothing, and provide safe adult supervision and mentoring.

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A-1 Self Storage Proudly Supports Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation – Greater San Diego Chapter!

San Diego, CA – May 17, 2013 – A-1 Self Storage, the premier provider of self storage in California, announced today their monetary donation to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) – Greater San Diego Chapter.  The (CCFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1967 by Irwin M. and Suzanne Rosenthal, William D. and Shelby Modell, and Henry D. Janowitz, M.D. The CCFA’s teams of volunteers work towards finding cures for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and improving the quality of life of children and adults affected by these chronic diseases, The Foundation also provides educational programs and support services and programs to help people cope with their condition.

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Spring Cleaning: Clean Out the Garage, De-Clutter and Store Items at A-1 Self Storage Fullerton

Spring cleaning can be very refreshing, and you’d be surprised how much space you can free up by tackling this task. It can be a daunting prospect to begin with, but this can be overcome by allocating an entire weekend to the task. It also helps to have a plan which includes getting a Fullerton storage unit to house anything you don’t want to get rid of completely, but you don’t need to have at home.

So let’s explore how to get the job done so you can make the most of your home and some Fullerton self storage solutions.


What do you need to keep and what do you want to store?

The best way to begin is by focusing on one room at a time. Let’s suppose you begin with your garage. Items you use on a regular basis will need to be kept there, but there will also be lots of things you hardly ever need but don’t want to get rid of. These are the items you should put into a self storage Fullerton CA unit.

You might find it easiest to make three piles of items as you go through your possessions. You will undoubtedly come across items you will want to get rid of altogether. Make a rubbish pile for these and bin them, donate them or recycle them wherever you can. Next, make a pile of items to keep in your garage (or whichever room you are clearing out). Finally, make a pile of items to be taken to a Fullerton storage unit.

Once you have cleared out the whole garage, you can spring clean it properly by sweeping and cleaning all the surfaces. You might benefit from buying some cabinets, shelving or other storage items to help keep things tidy from now onwards. Once this is done, you can see how many items you want to put into storage, and start looking for the right sized self storage units in Fullerton for your requirements.

De-cluttering isn’t just about making your home look tidier.

It’s also about keeping your home safer and more pleasant to live in. We’ve all read stories of people who wouldn’t throw anything away or put anything into storage units in Fullerton. Instead they horde all their items until they become a hazard to their health. This might sound extreme, but papers and other similar items can be a fire hazard. Furthermore, piles of disorganised and poorly stored possessions can be a tripping hazard too. This is why it makes sense to rely on A-1 Self Storage Fullerton if you want to ensure you only keep what you need at home.

Many people also underestimate the value of the items they have at home. It’s easy to do, but it can lead to woefully inadequate home insurance. The process of de-cluttering your home will enable you to see exactly how many items you have that you would like to have insured. This is a good time to check the value of your insurance, so you can see whether it actually meets your needs or not. You may find by spring cleaning every room in your home you discover you have many more items of value than you thought you had. This allows you to check your coverage and change your policy if necessary. It might also be worth considering changing it anyway, and getting a more competitive quote. You’ll be surprised how pro-active you feel, simply by having a clear out! It also works well to keep a note of everything you are keeping at home while you do this, to ensure you get an accurate total of the value of your belongings.

Organizing your storage space in Fullerton.

Once you have arranged some self storage Fullerton, you can take those items you want to store there to your storage unit. It’s a good idea to store things in an orderly manner here too, especially if you want to be able to find them again! Label boxes and keep everything in a logical and easy to access way.


The best part about spring cleaning is how good it makes you feel. You’ll feel positive and energized by creating more space in your home and having somewhere for everything to go. Once you get started you’ll get into the swing of things and you’ll realize just how many items you don’t need to keep at home. With self storage in Fullerton providing the additional storage space you need, it couldn’t be easier to spring clean in a way you’ve never done before. Make the most of it and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, brighter home today.

Storage Auctions Scheduled for 5/8/13

Here is an update on A-1 Self Storage auctions scheduled for 5/8/13:


9:30 AM at 17292 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA is CANCELLED

11:00 AM at 2555 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA is CANCELLED

12:00 PM at 26390 Forest Ridge Dr, Lake Forest, CA is CANCELLED

12:30 PM at 5081 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA has 1 unit

1:30 PM at 3535 W Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA is CANCELLED

2:30 PM at 1415 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA is CANCELLED

3:30 PM at 420 E Lambert Rd, La Habra, CA is CANCELLED

* Please note – the number of units is subject to change without notice.

May 2013 Auction Schedule

A-1 Self Storage auctions are held every month with dates and times that are subject to change. Please click on the following link for this month’s schedule:

A-1 Self Storage Auction Schedule – May 2013

Please call 24-hours in advance to verify if the auction is still being held.

Check back with us here periodically for auction updates, including the number of units being sold, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get updates from your smartphone.

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