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Packing Tips for Moving Day

If you have to pack for a long vacation you should keep in mind that moving from one place to another may require a lot of work. Packing is usually not something we look forward to, but it the most vital step to moving. You should begin your preparations well ahead of time, such as at least a month beforehand. The following tips will give you some insight into what you can do to get things started:


Begin by gathering up the packing supplies you need alongside the moving boxes you have collected or bought. You will need quite a bit of supplies to start:

– Markers

– Moving boxes

– Labels

– Bubble wrap or other padding

– Packaging tape

– Wrapping sheets

– Scissors and box cutters

  • Prepare a space in your current home that you will use for your packing efforts. You should ensure each and every one of your items is well-protected against impacts and scratches. Make sure you place items in boxes with great care and in a position which will make them harder to break or damage. Put heavy items on the bottom of a box, followed by lighter ones. Avoid stuffing large boxes with heavy possessions as this will only make them very hard to move.
  • Prepare a box for supplies and possessions you will need as soon as you arrive. These will most likely mean things you can’t go without such as hygiene supplies, pens, plastic utensils, bottle opener, towels and so forth. You should have supplies for each of the members of your household. This should also apply to any items you may need that you can think of as well.
  • Remember to clean up the kitchen of all food before you leave. Throwing away food is pointless, so see if you can give it away to someone who could use it. Empty up the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen. Label the boxes according to the room they come from and tape them up securely. Make sure you note the exact contents of each box and whether they are fragile or not for future reference.
  • You should take apart any furniture items that are too large to place and store. Put the nuts and bolts inside plastic bags and tape them to the furniture pieces. Keep your tools close to them as well so you can reassemble everything as soon as you arrive.
  • Make sure you take one last look before the movers arrive so you won’t miss anything. Forgetting to do that might end up with you losing something you can’t afford to lose so pay attention.

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