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Matching Donations to ADA Camp Wana Kura

A-1 Self Storage is pleased to announce we will match up to $10,000 in donations to the American Diabetes Association’s Camp Wana Kura 25th anniversary campaign! The ADA’s Camp Wana Kura day camp is held alongside the lakes and under the trees at Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve in San Diego County. Campers, ages 5 to 12, play water games, sing songs, run relays, do crafts, swim, go paddle boating, learn new things and connect with other kids living with type 1 diabetes while building new friendships.  The camp runs from Tuesday, July 22nd through Friday, July 25th, 2014.  Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was previously known as juvenile diabetes. Only 5% of people with diabetes have this form of the disease. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. With the help of insulin therapy and other treatments, even young children can learn to manage their condition and live long, healthy lives.

“We are proud to once again support the American Diabetes Association’s Camp Wana Kura. The American Diabetes Association does an excellent job at Camp Wana Kura. The camp serves local children with type 1diabetes and their families. The camp is incredible and so much fun for the children. We are fortunate to be able to give back to our community by supporting the ADA,” said Brian Caster, President and CEO of A-1 Self Storage.

For more information about the American Diabetes Association’s Camp Wana Kura, or to make a donation, please visit:

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