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Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving

man and women with boxes in front of storage unit rolldoorSummer is a busy season for moving. Moving in the summer means higher temperatures, so you want to make sure you properly protect yourself and your items from the heat.

The biggest concern when moving when the temperatures soar is heat exhaustion. To avoid heat exhaustion, get an early start. Wake up early to begin loading your items in order to complete your move before the day heats up. Our self storage facilities open early, so you can rent a unit and be done with your move by noon.

Be sure to stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and avoiding caffeinated drinks. Wear loose fitting, light colored clothes to help stay cool. If you get warm, put a wet towel around your neck to help keep yourself cool. Don’t overdo it! If you start to feel faint or nauseous, seek out shade and take a break.

In addition to taking care of yourself in the heat, it is important to keep your items safe in the heat. Our storage facilities are vented through the hallways to keep air moving and temperature down. To protect your items while in storage, leave a few inches space between your items to allow for air circulation. Also, wrap your furniture in plastic wrap, and use mattress covers to protect your mattress.

If you follow these simple tips, you are sure to beat the summer heat during your move!

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