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Organization Tips for Your Storage Unit

Good organization will help you save space, and help you easily locate an item in your storage unit.  Here are some tips to help you organize your storage space:

  • Boxes or plastic containers should be labeled with a short list of its contents. A1_Self_Storage_Fullerton_Tips
  • Bring in plastic, wood, or metal free-standing shelves to hold boxes or other small items. This will help keep the floor clutter-free, and make accessing your unit a breeze!
  • Before moving items into your storage unit, think of what you will need to access the most. Place items you do not need to access frequently toward the back of your unit, and those items you need often near the front.
  • Using the same size boxes makes stacking them much easier, and help keep your items safe and organized. If you need packing supplies such as dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, or file boxes, you can purchase them in our office.
  • Place heavy items near the bottom of your storage unit.  This will allow for stacking light weight items on top to save space, and stay as organized as possible.

Having items packed and arranged properly will help keep your items safe and accessible while in self storage.  Visit our website for more packing & storage tips!

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