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7 Tips for Protecting Your Stuff in the Summer Heat

Sun warming a themometerWith summer temperatures heating up, many people begin to think about storing in climate controlled storage units. We offer climate control at select facilities for when it is absolutely necessary, but properly storing your items in a regular unit will help you save money! Vents throughout our hallways to help circulate air, and help keep temperatures down. We also feature steel and concrete buildings at many of our self storage facilities, which also helps keep our units cool.

We’d like to offer some tips for safely storing heat sensitive items in a regular unit:

  • Put down pallets before moving items into your storage unit. This will allow for air flow, and keep the items off the floor. Cover the pallets with a plastic dust cover to create a moisture barrier.
  • Disassemble wood furniture. Removing table legs, and separating footboards and headboards will help prevent the furniture from being broken or damaged, and will also save space in your unit. Be sure to store the hardware in a labeled sealed plastic bag attached to the furniture for easy reassembly.
  • Clean and  wax on your wood furniture.  This will help moisturize and protect the wood.
  • Wrap furniture in shrink wrap to keep it protected.
  • Clean fabric or leather furniture to remove any dirt or dust. Be sure to use material safe furniture cleaner. Allow the furniture to dry, and wrap it in shrink wrap or furniture blankets to protect it.
  • Place televisions or electronics in their original packaging whenever possible. If that is not available, purchase a similarly sized box. Wrap electronics in bubble wrap, and fill empty space in the box with foam peanuts to secure the item.
  • Polish furniture made of brass, silver, or nickel to prevent oxidation. After polishing, wrap the items in shrink wrap.

Properly storing your items during the warm summer months will help protect your items from the heat. We offer more packing & storing tips on our website. Visit today!

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