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Simple Packing Tips to Make Your Move Easier

girl holding moving box with A-1 Self Storage logoMoving isn’t easy, is it? At A-1 Self Storage, we understand that packing can be a long and tiring task. Let us make your move a little easier by offering these simple tips to help you stay organized and ensure your items stay protected. If you are storing your items, proper packing techniques will also help you save space and money.

  1. Sort Your Items. Have a system in place to sort your items by weight and fragility. You can mark the boxes a certain color, or keep them in a specific area for easy identification. This will help you save space when packing your unit and save time. You can put all heavy items in first and on the bottom, then go up from there. Setting fragile items to the side will also ensure they don’t get crushed or broken.
  2. Box Everything! Try to box all of your items. If you have saved the original packaging for furniture or electronics, it is a great idea to reuse them when packing. This will allow for stacking and saving space. Boxes will also keep your items protected. There may be some odd shaped items that can find a place in boxes with blanket, towels, or other soft items that can be formed around it. Having all items in boxed will make moving and storing items very easy.
  3. Buy the Proper Packing Supplies. Having the proper packing supplies will make your job much easier. Have a large supply of various sized boxes, packing tape, marking pens, and bubble wrap. Check with your local self storage facility about package discounts! Many facilities will discount purchases of 10 of more boxes.

We hope these tips will help simplify packing for your move! We offer more packing & storage tips at

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