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Storage Tips and Tricks

Get-OrganizedWe know that you can’t store everything with us, so we’d like to help you get a little more organized around the house! These tips will help keep every room in your house looking as neat and clean as our storage units!

  1. CD Rack Food Storage Containers: Are you always losing the lids to your food storage containers? Use a metal CD rack to keep them upright and organized.
  2. Office Organizer – Wine Rack: Put plastic cups in a stackable wine rack to store your pens, pencils, and other craft supplies. If you have children or are into doing crafts, then this is the perfect solution for storing all of your craft supplies!
  3. Closet Organizer: It’s always hard to find the right space in your closet for your hats and scarves. Try using a hanger and shower curtain rings to keep them organized. It is both a cheap and effective solution!
  4. Bathroom Storage: This is the perfect solution to keeping your bathroom counter clutter free. Attach a file box to the side of a cabinet or on a wall. It is a perfect place to store your hair dryer, hair straightener or curling iron while they cool.
  5. Re-purposed Hanging Shoe Organizer: Short on cabinet space in the laundry room? Hang a shoe organizer on the back of the door to store all of your cleaning supplies, such as your bleach, spray ‘n’ wash, etc.
  6. Baggie Storage: Rather than have food storage baggies take up valuable space in your pantry, use push pins to hang the bag boxes to the wall of your pantry.


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