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Binder Clips Can Help You Pack!

Binder clips are super handy! So much more than a paper fastener, binder clips have been life-hacked for endless uses. Cable management, smartphone docks, and bookmarks are just a few. Now we have one more hack to share – box lid tamer!

Box AnimationHave you ever tried packing something big & heavy, like a TV or microwave, into box by yourself? It’s nearly impossible, and you always seem to need least 3 more hands. You wind up fighting those flaps for the box lid and either getting severe paper cuts or worse, dropping something really heavy on your foot.  A simple and cheap hack to save your sanity is to use binder clips to secure the flaps. No struggle and no paper cuts!

What interesting use for binder clips have you tried? Please leave a Comment. We’d love to hear about it!

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