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Charity Spotlight: Afghan Youth Connect

A-1 Self Storage is proud to support such a great cause like the Afghan Youth Connect program!

AYC Photo of StudentsThe Afghan Youth Connect is a program set up to help public high schools in Jalalabad. The participating schools are equipped with furnished computer labs, classrooms, computers, professional trainer, internet connectivity, and all the necessary office supplies. There are currently 18 high schools and one central site serving two additional high schools.

The AYC students learn basic word processing, spreadsheet management, creation of PowerPoint presentations, internet-based searches, use of social media and email. English is taught as part of the curriculum as well.

The Afghan Youth Connect program build capacity in each and every student participant. They see the outside world through a new lens, one unavailable to them in the past. This in turn informs and changes their experiences of life in the modern world

Graduates who have completed the program posses employable IT skills, basic proficiency in English, and a firm concept of what it means to be a responsible citizen.

There is no shortage of participants who wish to be a part of the AYC. All of the money raised goes directly to funding for supplies, classrooms, etc. to help keep the program running successfully.

To learn more about the Afghan Youth Connect program watch this video:

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