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Holiday Organization Tips

Holiday StressThe holidays can be a hectic time. Between the parties, family, shopping, and decorating,  there’s a lot going on! Holiday stress can be avoided when you are organized. Here are some simple tips to help keep your sanity during this busy holiday season:

  • Make To-Do Lists. Creating lists will ensure all tasks are completed and nothing is forgotten. They prevent you from having to running out to the grocery store at the last minute, fighting crowds to grab the one item you forgot. Instead of making one to-do list, make multiple lists to help you stay focused and not forget a single thing. The lists can be broken down into tasks such as grocery shopping, things to do around the house, and gifts to buy.

  • Take Inventory. If you are an early shopper, it is a great idea to inventory your items and have a list so no gifts go forgotten in the closet or purchased twice. Also take inventory of supplies you might need for the holidays for cooking, baking, wrapping, decorating, hosting, etc. You may find you have left over things from the previous year to reuse and save money.
  • Declutter. This time of year is a great time to look around and declutter cabinets, closets, and rooms. If you have kids, now is the time to go through their clothes and toys to make room for new items coming in. If you are expecting guests for the holidays and your guest room has turned into your junk and storage room, get a head start on preparing for holiday by sorting through your items. If you find you need extra space for items consider using a self storage unit for the overflow.
  • Organize Holiday Decor. As you pull out your holiday decorations, it is a great time to throw out anything that might be broken or donate pieces that have been packed away for a few years. Like how you set up your holiday decor? Snap a picture of your display and save it for next year to remind you how to decorate.

Following these simple tips can reduce your holiday stress & help you enjoy the season! What is the one thing you suggest to make your holidays more organized? Share in a Comment below!

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