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Moving During a Holiday Weekend?

Couple Moving nontransparentAs busy as you are moving, it may not even come to mind that the holiday could change your plans. Keep in mind that most moving companies will take the holiday off.  If you plan to move during a summer holiday weekend here are tips to consider.

Friends and Family Being Too Busy to Help –  If you’re looking for help on moving day, and plan to move on holiday weekend, you may want to ask friends or family far in advance. Many will have plans that don’t involve spending their day  hauling heavy objects, especially during warm weather holidays. One of the most important moving tips will be to ask early.

Movers May Be Unavailable – With high demand during holiday weekends many moving companies are either booked on holidays or even perhaps closed!

Many Stores Will Be Closed – Moving day often brings with it a need for last minute moving supplies. If you are moving yourself, stock up for every possible moving supplies, including extra tape, extra boxes, snacks, bottled water, garbage bags, packing paper and furniture pads.

Roads May Be Closed –  Often times many holiday weekends comes with a lot more traffic on the roads and even road closures.  Don’t forget to plan you route a head of time!

Hotels May Be Unavailable – Holiday weekends their often a lot of people traveling. If you plan on staying in a hotel the night before your move, book your room well in advance.

If you are moving during a busy holiday weekend  don’t forget to plan ahead!


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