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Is Your Home Ready For the Summertime?

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Summer is almost here! It’s time to get your home off to a good start this season. Once summer rolls around, there is nothing better than lounging outdoors surrounded by beautiful weather, and family and friends. Just use these simple tips to help get your home ready for the summertime.

Stock Up For Summer – Stock up on summer essentials. Fill your medicine cabinet with sun block, aloe and insect repellent beach towels. Also stock up on summer toys and games for the little ones to keep them preoccupied this summer.

Install Out Door Lighting – Lights are a must for backyard entertaining. Luckily they aren’ t too hard to install! Don’t call it a night just because the sun has set. Add lanterns, twinkle lights or even a portable fire pit to your backyard to make it a nighttime friendly.

Prepare Your Patio – Pull your patio furniture out from storage if you haven’t already, and give it a thorough cleaning. If your seat cushions have seen better days, consider replacing them with new bright fun colors!

Reseal Your Fence and Deck – Wooden fences and decks take a beating in all the types of weather, so give them a little TLC. Check that no boards need to be replaced, and give them a fresh coat of sealer to protect them all summer long.

Eliminate the Excess – Clear your home of all the clutter. Consider packing away your knickknacks to give your home a lighter feeling. Consider rolling away extra rugs and blankets. Just some simple changes can help lighten up your home!

Check Your Air Conditioner – When the A/C sits idle for months it collects debris so a little bit of maintenance is often needed to get it running properly. The last thing you would want is on the first really hot day of summer you go to turn the A/C ¬†only to ¬†find that it doesn’t work.

Don’t wait any longer! Get your home ready for the summer heat.

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