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How to Store Your Seasonal Items Safely


Fall is HereFall is here! As we transition into fall, this calls for the opportunity to organize and tidy up our houses to prepare for the next season. While you can take advantage of a storage unit at any time of the year, with winter (and the holidays) around the corner it makes it especially important to gear up and protect your belongings. In case you are wondering how to store your seasonal items safely we have some tips to help better prepare you.

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Binder Clips Can Help You Pack!

Binder clips are super handy! So much more than a paper fastener, binder clips have been life-hacked for endless uses. Cable management, smartphone docks, and bookmarks are just a few. Now we have one more hack to share – box lid tamer!

Box AnimationHave you ever tried packing something big & heavy, like a TV or microwave, into box by yourself? It’s nearly impossible, and you always seem to need least 3 more hands. You wind up fighting those flaps for the box lid and either getting severe paper cuts or worse, dropping something really heavy on your foot.  A simple and cheap hack to save your sanity is to use binder clips to secure the flaps. No struggle and no paper cuts!

What interesting use for binder clips have you tried? Please leave a Comment. We’d love to hear about it!

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Off to College? What To Do with Your Student’s Room

With your student all moved out of the house to attend college, one of the big questions many parents have is, “What do we do with the extra room?” Some leave the room as is for when their child returns, while others turn it into a guest room. We thought we would give you some more ideas on what to do with the extra space.

Bedroom - Game Room

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Tips to Keeping Your Storage Unit Clean and Pest Free

Pest_Control_WebPhotoWhile A-1 Self Storage keeps all of its facilities clean, there is always steps that you as a tenant can take to add extra protection to for their belongings.  Follow these easy steps to make sure that the items in your storage unit stay clean and pest free. Aside from the steps below we offer some added features such as climate controlled units to keep moisture out. For more information on our storage facility features visit our website and find a store nearest you!


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The Right Questions to Ask When Renting a Storage Unit

Tips: Asking the right Questions | A-1 Self StorageWhen checking out different storage facilities to determine where you would like to store your belongings, it is important to ask the right questions. As a tenant, you want to ensure that your belongings will be protected and unharmed. Here are some of the best questions we recommend you ask when visiting self storage locations:

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