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3 Simple Storage Solutions for Your Home

Organize with ShelvesHere are three simple low cost storage solutions that can help give you extra storage around your home.

1.  Shelving

Adding shelving is a great way to give you more storage space. Shelving can be installed to existing cabinets, or be bought free standing. Shelving can be added in a closet, kitchen, garage, or just about anywhere in your home. Small plastic or fabric totes can be added to the shelves to help organize items.

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Need More Space for the Holidays?

Family meeting relativesThe holidays are right around the corner which means family, parties, and a lot of extra stuff! Do you need to make temporary space for visiting family, decorations, serving ware, and gifts? A-1 Self Storage can help.

We offer various unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs. Whether you are storing holiday decorations, serving ware, or gifts and just need a closet sized storage unit; or clearing out an entire room to accommodate guests and need something a little larger, we’ve got the right size storage unit for you.

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Storage Containers, Not Just for Storage

In recent years, there have been many creative projects done using storage containers. Building homes out of storage containers is an up and coming trend. Storage containers are piling up in stock yards and architects have found a way to recycle them into homes, offices, shelters, and other buildings. These containers are affordable, easy to construct, environmentally friendly, and structurally sound. Here are some awesome structures build using storage containers.

The first hotel built from recycled shipping containers is in West London.

Photo credit:

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How to Choose the Right Car Storage

A-1_Car_Storage_Inside_Car_Storage_v2A-1 Self Storage offers three different vehicle storage options. At most locations, we offer outdoor parking spaces, individual storage units, and at our Downtown San Diego location, indoor car storage in a garage-style setting. All of our facilities are very clean, safe, and secure for your peace of mind while storing your vehicle. Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of storage will work best for your needs.

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Fall is (Almost) Upon Us

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner! Although we are currently experiencing an excessive heat warning in many parts of California, fall officially begins on September 22nd. Plan ahead now, and you’ll be ready for the change.

Fall Closet OrganizationOut with the summer, in with the fall! Long sleeves, sweaters, and boots are bulky and take up more room than summer clothes. Start thinking about rotating your closet and putting away summer items to make space. If you already have a storage unit, now is a great time to start sorting through your current closet to decide what items you want to rotate out. While you’re at it, think about placing them towards the back of your storage unit, and  bringing your winter items and decorations towards the front to save you time later.

If you don’t have a storage unit, we can help you with that. We offer small units to help make some extra room for your winter wardrobe, or larger units to accommodate outside furniture and toys that you may want to store during the cooler months. Give our storage experts a call at 1-800-210-8979. We can help you find the perfect size for your storage needs.

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