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Do You Need Help Choosing the Right Car Storage?

IMG_8006 A-1 Self Storage offers three different vehicle storage options. At most locations, we offer outdoor parking spaces, individual storage units, and at our Downtown San Diego location, indoor car storage in a garage-style setting. All of our facilities are very clean, safe, and secure for your peace of mind while storing your vehicle. Here are some things to consider when deciding which type of storage will work best for your needs.

Length of Storage

How long you are looking to store your vehicle? This will help you decide if you want it away from the outside elements or if it will be okay to have it in an outdoor parking space. For long term storage, we offer monthly services, such as trickle charges and tire pressure checks, on the vehicle at our Downtown San Diego location.


Each type of storage has a different cost. Consider your budget to help you decide which type of storage is best for you. With several different vehicle storage options, we can help you find a space within your budget.

Vehicle Type

Are you looking to store your classic car, or your utility truck? If you are looking to keep your classic car away from the dirt and sun, we have indoor storage to keep your vehicle free form the outside elements. If you are storing a utility truck, an outdoor parking space offers quick and easy access. We offer small and large outdoor and indoor units to meet your needs. We offer standard car parking spaces as well as RV size parking spaces. Our indoor units range in size as well.

A-1 Self Storage is committed to fulfilling all your vehicle and car storage needs with top quality car storage, superior customer service, and convenient locations.

Moving During a Holiday Weekend?

Couple Moving nontransparentAs busy as you are moving, it may not even come to mind that the holiday could change your plans. Keep in mind that most moving companies will take the holiday off.  Memorial Day weekend is coming before you know it, if you plan to move during that weekend here are tips to consider.

Friends and Family Being Too Busy to Help –  If you’re looking for help on moving day, and plan to move on holiday weekend, you may want to ask friends or family far in advance. Many will have plans that don’t involve spending their day  hauling heavy objects, especially during warm weather holidays. One of the most important moving tips will be to ask early.

Movers May Be Unavailable – With high demand during holiday weekends many moving companies are either booked on holidays or even perhaps closed!

Many Stores Will Be Closed – Moving day often brings with it a need for last minute moving supplies. If you are moving yourself, stock up for every possible moving supplies, including extra tape, extra boxes, snacks, bottled water, garbage bags, packing paper and furniture pads.

Roads May Be Closed –  Often times many holiday weekends comes with a lot more traffic on the roads and even road closures.  Don’t forget to plan you route a head of time!

Hotels May Be Unavailable – Holiday weekends their often a lot of people traveling. If you plan on staying in a hotel the night before your move, book your room well in advance.

If you are moving this upcoming Memorial day weekend don’t forget to plan ahead!  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.


Organize Your Garage Today!

Organzing GarageIs your garage a full of clutter? The garage tends to be the place where we toss our dirty shoes and pile mass amounts of yard tools on top of each other. Cleaning your garage can be a very tedious and a time consuming task, especially if you have been using your garage space as place to throw excess stuff you don’t want in your home. To make the process of organizing your garage efficiently it’s advised that you go through and get rid of what you don’t need. Listed below are tips to help you get your garage in order.    

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