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Fall is (Almost) Upon Us

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner! Although we are currently experiencing an excessive heat warning in many parts of California, fall officially begins on September 22nd. Plan ahead now, and you’ll be ready for the change.

Fall Closet OrganizationOut with the summer, in with the fall! Long sleeves, sweaters, and boots are bulky and take up more room than summer clothes. Start thinking about rotating your closet and putting away summer items to make space. If you already have a storage unit, now is a great time to start sorting through your current closet to decide what items you want to rotate out. While you’re at it, think about placing them towards the back of your storage unit, and  bringing your winter items and decorations towards the front to save you time later.

If you don’t have a storage unit, we can help you with that. We offer small units to help make some extra room for your winter wardrobe, or larger units to accommodate outside furniture and toys that you may want to store during the cooler months. Give our storage experts a call at 1-800-210-8979. We can help you find the perfect size for your storage needs.

Do You Know What’s in Your Storage Unit?

Got all my boxes - ready to move in!Have you ever lost something and knew you put it in a safe spot, but you can’t remember where? With items in a storage unit, people often forget what they have stored away, and where it’s located within the unit.

Here are some tips to help you inventory your unit to remember the items you stored. Before storing your items, check out our 5 Tips to Save Storage Space for tips on deciding what to keep, donate, or throw away.

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7 Tips for Protecting Your Stuff in the Summer Heat

Sun warming a themometerWith summer temperatures heating up, many people begin to think about storing in climate controlled storage units. We offer climate control at select facilities for when it is absolutely necessary, but properly storing your items in a regular unit will help you save money! Vents throughout our hallways to help circulate air, and help keep temperatures down. We also feature steel and concrete buildings at many of our self storage facilities, which also helps keep our units cool.

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5 Tips to Save Storage Space

interior of self storage unit with boxes, scooter, golf clubsGoing through your items before getting a storage unit is a great way to help you get organized, and possibly fit into a smaller space. To help save you money, it is important to sort through your items to be sure what you are storing is of importance.

  1. Go through your health and beauty products.  Throw out anything that has expired or hasn’t been used in a while.
  2. Sort through your clothes and shoes.  If you haven’t worn something in 6 months, it’s probably safe to say you can donate the items.
  3. Donate or recycle old cookbooks and magazines. Recipes and magazine material can be found online. This will reduce paper clutter and assist in saving space.
  4. Decide if you really need the kitchen gadgets that have been tucked away in your cabinets for years. Donate any bulky small appliances such as bread makers, blenders, mixers, etc., that don’t get much use.
  5. Go through files and paperwork. Consider scanning the important documents into your computer and shredding the paper to reduce clutter.

Downsizing will help save you money when you are looking to get a storage unit. Go through each room and decide which items should go into self storage, which should be donated, or which should be put in the trash or recycled.

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